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Welcome to MP3 Music Download.  We have changed our strategy to a mp3 portal.  We no longer have MP3 downloads on our site, but will provide the information on where to get them.

If you have a site that you would like added please send an email to webmaster@mp3musicdownload.com with link to your site. Also, please report any broken links.

Due to the fact that some of the sites have popups upon popups, you may want to download "Popup Ad Fiter" from Meaya Software. It is great little program that lets you be in control of what popups up.

Some of the file sharing programs will add spyware/adware to your computer. You can use AD-Aware from LavaSoft to search and remove these programs.

Read the latest on the Music Industry and what they are trying to do to stop piracy. Read More.

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KaZaA | Limewire |iMesh | BearShare | AudioGalaxy | WinMX | Grokster | Xolox
All-in-one player/ripper software
MusicMatch |Audiocatalyst | RealJukebox | MediaJukebox | SirenJukebox | MP3Studio
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